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Fro Designs

Hi there! My name is Brian and I am a web UI/UX developer.

I am a website designer and developer with a passion for improving the web by creating rich user interfaces and experiences. I create well-crafted websites and web applications that work on a variety of devices using modern tools and techniques.

This is the second (official) version of a home page that I have maintained since June 2009. I wanted it to reflect not only my current capabilities, but to create a new snapshot of modern web architecture and styling.

The problem is there are no simple "right" answers for most Web design questions (at least not for the important ones). What works is good, integrated design that fills a need-carefully thought out, well executed, and tested.
- Steve Krug, Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability

I have worked on a wide variety of websites over the years and gained an enormous amount of valuable experience. However, I believe that there is one truly important technique for creating modern websites, and it is called Responsive Design.

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