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This portfolio mostly contains the work I have done as a freelancer or in my spare time. During my time at INgage Networks, I helped to theme several social network/community websites (2010-2012). I have also worked on large, multi-language websites such as the Landscape Forms corporate site (2009) and the Tiffany & Co. e-commerce site (2012-Present). Another recent project was a custom Enterprise Order Management front-end for Tiffany including a tablet interface that is responsive, touch enabled, and CSS3 animated (2014-2015).

PWA Skeleton (2017-Present)

PWA Skeleton Screenshot

GW2 Account Viewer (2015-Present)

GW2 Account Viewer Screenshot

WvW Intelligence (2013-Present)

WvW Intelligence Screenshot

Helbreath USA Player Portal (2012)

Player Portal Screenshot

Infected Mushrooms Portal - Mobile (2012)

Infected Mushrooms Mobile Screenshot

This mobile website expands upon the Infected Mushrooms Portal desktop website using jQuery Mobile to create a fantastic mobile experience.

This game is no longer operational, therefore the website has been taken offline. The source code is publicly available.

Infected Mushrooms Portal - Desktop (2011)

Infected Mushrooms Desktop Screenshot

eBid Auctions (2010)

eBid Screenshot

The String Collector (2009)

String Collector Screenshot

Copper Cake Stands (2008)

Copper Cake Stands Screenshot

Old World Distributors (2008)

Old World Distributors Screenshot